I made progress on the painting in the last days.

I'm not sure why I keep painting snakes. My next painting will feature a star fish, but the one I have planned after that is another snake. 

Verum, 60cm x 60cm, oil on canvas
Verum, 60cm x 60cm, oil on canvas

Another weekend is upon us. The New Normal has little texture or substance to hold onto, so the weeks fly by at lightening speed. It is easier to remember what I did four years ago than what I did four days ago. 

Revisiting things from my past has become a distinct hallmark of my lockdown time. I stopped posting on LJ several years ago, but here I am again, posting like I never left. And I have downloaded, installed and played World of Warcraft at length over the past week. Having spent so much time playing WoW years ago, it feels like visiting a previous home. I'll have to give it up soon though, it's only free up to level 20 and then requires a subscription. 

I find myself deeply nostalgic for the past, for old friends, for my university days, for my Chicago days. It must be a symptom of life being halted and put on hold, giving me the feeling that my best days are behind me. 

Some new things I've been up to (aside from painting): 

Drinking a litre of fresh, raw cabbage juice every day. After reading that doing so can help heal ulcers and acid reflux, I've decided to give it a try. It's by no means delicious, but after four days I do notice an improvement, so I'm going to keep at it.

Fasting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Because otherwise I would be piling on the pounds; it's too easy to eat out of boredom given the circumstances. 

Progressing with the Quareia material, meditating every day, doing visionary exercises, and I even did the first ritual last night. 

This evening I will ride my bicycle to Schöneberg to visit Kiddy for the weekend. Hopefully we can get some sun tomorrow, and take a long bike ride. 


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