It attacks you where you are weakest

I don't think I can look at the news or social media any more for the next couple days, it's becoming unbearable. I feel so powerless to make any kind of difference or help in any meaningful kind of way. 

It's hard to see any light in such a dark time.

A friend of mine leads a small group in a healing meditation every other Tuesday via Zoom. It's been one of the highlights of the pandemic for me, meeting up online with friends to chat about coping strategies and keep each other afloat. I'm especially looking forward to this evening's session.

The pandemic is starting to feel less real, like less of a threat. People are out and about again, eating in restaurants, going to bars. But yesterday I learned of two people I know quite well – a neighbour in my own building, and a friend's boyfriend – who caught the virus and are *still* dealing with the lingering health damage now, several weeks after having recovered. "It attacks you where you are weakest," my neighbour told me. For him, it was his lungs, and he still gets winded after even minimal physical activity. It was a stark reminder to not let my guard down.

South Korea is already heading into another shut down, and I imagine other countries will have to follow suit before long. Time will tell.

I had a job interview last week over Zoom and the guy interviewing me was in an office environment with lots of irritatingly loud background noise due to people talking. I asked him where he was, and he cheerfully informed me that he and all the other colleagues were working together in the office. It was then that I decided the job would not be a good fit. Well, that and a whole bunch of other little things, but the laissez faire attitude regarding social distancing was the last straw.

In other news, I'm 100% registered with the unemployment office and all set to receive benefits. Thank God.


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