A superior machine

I picked up my old Macbook from the Gravis store, it's lain broken for the better part of two years in an odd corner of my home, but now that I need to hand in my sweet little work laptop it became necessary to fix the old one. The track pad had given up the ghost, and it wasn't cheap to repair: €700. Apparently the trackpad is part of the top case, which includes the keyboard and battery as one solid piece, so if one of those pieces fails, the entire group needs to be replaced. Still, a new machine would have cost me €3000 (and yes, I do need mac because of my profession, and yes it does suck). 

The repair took the better part of a month to complete.

All that being said, now that I have it back, I'm glad I opted to repair rather than buy a new one; the keyboard is the style previous to the current 'butterfly' one that has all the problems with sticking/repeating/empty keystrokes. And the screen is 15" while my work laptop was only 13", and man, the two extra inches make a huge difference. This computer may be 5 years old, but it's a superior machine.


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